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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems: 2023, 25, N5 (pages: 13 - 18)

Electrocardiogram and Liver Function Changes in Methadone Maintenance Treatment After Heroin Use

Hu H., Lu D., Xie R., Zhong S., Cao S., and Liu L.

Summary: This study aims to examine the effects of methadone maintenance therapy on cardiac and hepatic function. The participants were divided into three groups. Group 1 included patients who came to the hospital for the first time with a history of heroin use. Group 2 included patients who continued to use the methadone treatment. Group 3 included subjects with no drug use history. Ten-second electrocardiography and blood test data were used, including SDNN, RMSSD, QTc, heart rate, ALT and AST. After taking heroin, the SDNN, QTc, ALT, and AST values changed, but no change was detected in the RMSSD and heart rate values. After methadone maintenance, all the parameters no longer changed and stayed stable. Methadone maintenance treatment can stabilise the SDNN, QTc, ALT and AST values after changes caused by heroin.


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