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Published: Volume 26 • Na. 1

Title: Effect of changes in life-related factors on mood status and life quality of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) patients after withdrawal from MMT

Authors: Penghui Cao, Qiaofang Huang, Nannan Pan, Huaxin Li, Daoyi Feng, and Ziyan Fang

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 2

Title: Somatic and mental health among older patients in opioid agonist therapy: a cross-sectional geriatric assessment study

Authors: Lennart Niels Mayer-Eckardt, Ole Gnirss, Maximilian Meyer, Katharina Roser, Kenneth M. Dürsteler, and Marc Vogel

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 3

Title: Micro-dosing with buprenorphine when switching from full agonists (methadone, SR-morphine) to buprenorphine treatment in opioid agonist-assisted treatment programmes in Slovenia

Authors: Miha Lavre, and Andrej Kastelic

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 4

Title: Is the SCL90-based five-dimensional structure able to differentiate Heroin Use Disorder patients with low and high benzodiazepine dependence symptomatology?

Authors: Angelo G. I. Maremmani, Filippo Della Rocca, Silvia Bacciardi, Mario Miccoli, and Icro Maremmani

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 5

Title: International perspectives on opioid use disorder and treatment: Results from an online convenience sample

Authors: Katrine Melby, Mehdi Farokhnia, Serenella Tolomeo, Roshan Bhad, Jørgen G. Bramnes, Alex Baldacchino, Ravindra Rao, Gomathinayagam Kandasami, Jenna L. Butner, Vicky Phan, Francina Fonseca, Parnian Rafei, Long Jiang, Georgios Tzeferakos, and Geert Dom

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 6

Title: The effective management of Addiction: An Italian Experts’ Opinion using a Nominal Group Technique (NGT) Approach

Authors: Simone De Persis, Alessandro Pallucchini, Monica Baiano, Arianna Camporese, Rossella Garofano, Francesco Mancuso, Ilenia Zanoni, Marialuisa Grech, and Salvatore de Fazio

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 7

Title: Psychometric evaluation of two patients monitored for 12 weeks after switching from racemic methadone to levomethadone agonist therapy

Authors: Gabriele Pasquale De Luca, Gaia Anibaldi, Danilo Paolucci, Paola Motta, and Simone De Persis

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 8

Title: Efficacy and safety of naldemedine in the long-term treatment of opioid-induced constipation in patients on methadone agonist therapy monitored for three consecutive months

Authors: Emanuele Corbucci, and Piero Pierucci

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 9

Title: Beginning with buprenorphine depot: characteristics and experiences of the first patients in a French addictions centre.

Authors: Alice Deschenau, Amir Al Tabchi, Marie-Charlotte Noury, Léa Micheletti, Husen Ali-Diabacte, Elisa Vodislav, Nathalie Texier, Sarah Hervy, and Didier Touzeau

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 10

Title: The effects of heroin on pregnant rats and the reproductive system of female offspring

Authors: Fatemeh Osanloo, Ramin Hajikhani, Gholamhassan Vaezi, and Maryam Bananej

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 11

Title: Pet ownership, physical activity and mental health among people in opioid maintenance treatment: a prospective, observational study

Authors: Cornelia Haarr Hatlo, Thomas Clausen, Ashley Elizabeth Muller, and Gustavo Sugahara

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 12

Title: Night eating syndrome, impulsivity, sleep disorder and craving in opioid use disorder patients in remission phase

Authors: Pınar Erdogan Turkmen, Ali Erdogan, and Burak Kulaksızoglu

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 13

Title: Satisfaction of patients on methadone maintenance treatment with changing policies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Authors: Anat Sason, Marsha Weinstein, Miriam Adelson, Shaul Schreiber, and Einat Peles

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 14

Title: The relationships among withdrawal symptoms and depression in IV injection and non-injection groups in a population of heroin users

Authors: Kunhua Lee, and Cheng Fang Yen

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 15

Title: The Impact of Chronic Pain and Depression on Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment: A Mixed-Methods Analysis

Authors: Corinne Kacmarek, Hannah Smith, Maxwell Kuehn, Melanie Bennett, Annabelle Belcher, Heather Fitzsimons, William Hall, Aaron Greenblatt, Lan Li, and Letitia Travaglini

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 16

Title: Using Genetic Parameters to Predict Somatization in Females with Heroin Dependence

Authors: Kadir Uludag

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 17

Title: Invisible: An exploratory study of the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on people who use heroin

Authors: Daniela-Irina Stadniciuc, Marie-Claire Van Hout, Stephanie Kewley, and Georgina Mathlin

Published: Volume 26 • Na. 18

Title: The severity of Heroin Use Disorder in patients at treatment entry and their therapeutic response to Opioid Agonist Treatment

Authors: Filippo Della Rocca, Francesco Lamanna, Lucia Massa, Giulia De Luca, Angelo G. I. Maremmani, Mario Miccoli, and Icro Maremmani


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