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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems: 2021, 23, N5 (pages: 75 - 80)

Convergent validity of five-dimension psychopathology of Addiction: relationships with aggressive behaviour

Maremmani A.G.I., Della Rocca F., Bacciardi S., Miccoli M., and Maremmani I.

Summary: Background. Continuing our programme of five-dimension psychopathology of addiction validation, in the present study, we have investigated a sample of Heroin Use Disorder (HUD) patients, using SCL-90 and the Buss-Durke Inventory to provide a more precise definition of the psychopathological structure of HUD patients in terms of aggressive behaviour. Methods. Two hundred forty-two patients, with a diagnosis of HUD, according to DSM-5 criteria, 26.01Ā±4.4 year old (16-42 ranging), 157 (64.9%) being males, were included in the study. We studied correlations between BDI and SCL-90, at the univariate and multivariate level, (non-linear canonical correlation analysis) to identify and measure the associations that may connect the two separate sets of variables. Results. Recruited patients showed a severe drug addiction history and had a psychopathology and aggressive behaviour severity very similar to HUD patients entering treatment. Two different psychopathological profiles, aggressive behaviour correlated, were found. In the first one, when Violence/Suicide is inversely correlated with Panic Anxiety dimension, violent behaviour (Assault) is directly correlated with Violence/Suicide. On the contrary when Violence/Suicide is directly correlated with Panic Anxiety, this psychopathological cluster comprises also opioid withdrawal symptoms and the tendency to a negative affect expressed in both the style, including arguing, shouting, screaming and the content of speech, including threats, curses, and being overcritical (Verbal Aggression). This psychopathological/behavioural syndrome is indirectly correlated with a covert form of aggressive behaviour characterized by Resentment, Suspiciousness, Worthlessness/Being Trapped and Sensitivity/Psychoticism symptomatology. Conclusions. Violence/Suicide dimension confirmed its relation more with a violent behaviour than to a suicidality proneness. The correlation between Worthlessness/Being Trapped and Sensitivity/Psychoticism appears to be confirmed also by an aggressive behavioural questionnaire.


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