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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems: 2021, 23, N1 (pages: 61 - 64)

The ‘Prison Zero Hepatitits' Project in France: A New Pathway for Hcv Microelimination

Remy A.-J., Roy B., and Hervet J.

Summary: Background: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection rate was higher among prisoners than in the general population. Care was difficult because the screening rate was insufficient. ‘Prison Zero Hepatitis' was an original project designed to eliminate HCV infection in one prison. Our objective was to increase the rate of screening among prisoners and, by treating every patient in one prison, eliminate HCV infection there. Methods: One training nurse held a weekly screening session by carrying out the HCV dried blot test, FIBROSCAN*, and measuring HCV viral load in real time for prisoners who had refused HCV serology at the beginning of incarceration or after 6 and 12 months if initial screening was negative. Results. In one year the rate of HCV screening increased from 68% to 91%. All HCV-positive patients accepted the measures of HCV viral load and FIBROSCAN; 93% of HCV-affected patients were treated. Conclusions. One-step screening, diagnosis and treatment will lead to an increase in the percentage of diagnosed patients, facilitate the access of chronic patient to treatment and generate cost savings, so demonstrating its efficiency in the prison system.


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