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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems: 2011, 13, 1 (pages: 11 - 14)

Housing and employment situation, body mass index and dietary habits of heroin addicts in methadone maintenance treatment

Alves D., Costa A. F., Custódio D., Natário L., Ferro-Lebres V., Andrade F.

Summary: Forty-nine heroin addicts in methadone maintenance treatment were evaluated with the aim of studying the anthropometric, nutritional and sociodemographic characteristics of these individuals. The BMI of heroin addicts who live with their spouse/partner is significantly higher compared with other housing situations. Most of the heroin addicts evaluated do not consume the minimum servings of fruits, vegetables and grains recommended by the food pyramid, and their consumption of sweets is high. This study reinforced the need for intervention programmes specifically designed to correct the poor nutritional status and diet of drug users, while considering this to be a major public health issue.


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