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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems: 2011, 13, 1 (pages: 21 - 28)

Opioid addiction complicated by alcoholism (in young men)

Blagov L. N., Kurgak D. I.

Summary: A clinical run of addictive diseases shows a variety of trends. One of these is an amplification of the clinical picture, with the appearance of new structural components whose dynamic psychopathological characteristics tend to increase in severity. It is important here to look at addictive problems not only as constituting a dependence syndrome, but as an ongoing, ever-varying clinical reality, showing the distinctive traits of a specific psychopathological process that comprises post-toxic problems, including combinations of personality disorders and their environmental predisposition. So, opioid addiction complicated by alcoholism can be seen as a prime example of how consistent patterns can be found in the clinically dynamic aspects of addictive diseases. A clinical description of these patterns based on reported cases to be investigated throughout a lifelong period of illness is a step to be taken towards a better understanding of addictive pathology as a severe medical problem.


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