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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems: 2001, 03, 1 (pages: 23 - 28)

Therapeutic effects of paroxetine on the cocaine abuse in heroin addicts

Manna V.

Summary: During the last few years, cocaine abuse has been detected in increasing numbers of heroin addicts taking part in a methadone maintenance programme. Paroxetine, a serotoninergic reuptake blocker, was administered, 20 mg p.o. a day, to 12 outpatients, cocaine abusers with heroin addiction, during a methadone maintenance treatment, to evaluate the possible anti-craving and therapeutic effects of the prescribed drug on cocaine use. Four patients discontinued paroxetine treatment after a few days. Eight patients received paroxetine for at least eight weeks. Cocaine abuse was detected by weekly toxicology screening. After eight weeks of treatment, three patients had completely stopped using cocaine, and four had considerably reduced their consumption. One patient reported no change. So, paroxetine, as suggested for other serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs, may be considered a safe, effective therapeutic agent in treating of cocaine abuse in heroin addicts.


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