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Editor: Icro Maremmani, MD - Pisa, Italy, EU
Associate Editors:
Thomas Clausen, MD - Oslo, Norway
Pier Paolo Pani, MD - Cagliari, Italy, EU
Marta Torrens, MD - Barcelona, Spain, EU
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Mario Miccoli, PhD - Pisa, Italy, EU

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1999 Issues


Vol. 01 • Na. 1 • June 1999

In this issue:

  • Treating Heroin Addicts i.e. 'Breaking through a Wall of Prejudices"
    Maremmani I.
  • Heroin Addiction as normal illness
    Tagliamonte A.
  • Methadone Maintenance. Comes of age
    Dole V. P.
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of methadone: clinical relevance
    Eap C. B., Deglon J. J., Baumann P.
  • Integrating Methadone Treatment in the Slovenian Public Health System
    Kastelic A., Kostnapfel-Rihtar T.
  • Treatment of opiate dependency: A comment [Letter]
    Vossenberg P.
  • Methadone as a mood stabilizer [Letter]
    Pani P. P., Agus A., Gessa G. L.



Vol. 01 • Na. 2 • December 1999

In this issue:

  • Alcohol, benzodiazepines and other drugs use in heroin addicts treated with methadone. Polyabuse or undermedication?
    Maremmani I., Shinderman M. S.
  • What tells us Switzerlands drug policy. Switzerland: drug policy of mountain dwellers?
    Seidenberg A.
  • Methadone Treatment and spread of AIDS in Europe in the 1987-1993 years
    Reisinger M.
  • Adolescent Narcotism in Russia
    Dineeva N. R.
  • The treatment of viral hepatites in drug addicts
    Guffens J. M.
  • General Practitioners and Heroin Addiction. Chronicle of a Medical Practice
    Michelazzi A., Vecchiet F., Cimolino T.



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