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Pier Paolo Pani, MD - Cagliari, Italy, EU
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2022 Issues


Vol. 24 • No. N1 • February 2022

In this issue:

  • Exploration of the physical health of dual users of heroin and crack in methadone treatment who inject or have previously injected drugs
    Heidebrecht F., Macleod M.B., and Dawkins L.
  • Patterns of new psychoactive substance use among opioid-dependent patients attending for opioid agonist treatment
    McCarron P., Smyth B., Carroll G., Glynn M., Barry J., Whiston L., Keenan E., Darker C., and Truszkowska E.
  • The Role of Familial and Cultural Factors in Relapse of Methadone Maintenance Treated Patients
    Badiei R., Motazedian S., Kheradmand A., and Seif P.
  • Effects of family functions on opioid use disorder patients to remission
    Sahiner I.V., Kir Y., and Sahiner S.
  • Sexual dysfunction in patients with opioid use disorder: a comparison between naltrexone implant and buprenorphine/naloxone maintenance treatment
    Caliskan A.M., and Yildiz M.C.
  • Characteristics of foreign drug addicts assisted by Addiction Centre in Naples, Italy
    Curcio F., Asturaro E., Bandiera F., Barretta V., Fontebasso M., Gautiero G., Rutigliano M.A., Girasole D., Marguccio E., Marsella E., Mazzella C., Nicotra F., Pianese P., Preziuso M., Procida M., Spalice A., Scialò L., and Topa M.



Vol. 24 • No. N2 • April 2022

In this issue:

  • Buprenorphine-Naloxone abuse among Participants in the needle exchange programme. A Finnish Time-Trend Study from 2008 to 2018.
    Fältberg N., Partanen M., Lintonen T., Mishina K., and Niemelä S.
  • Patient Satisfaction with Telemedicine in Addictions
    Mayet S., Arshad S., McCaw I., Hashmani Z., Drozdova Z., Gledhill A., Shahbaz S., and Phillips T.
  • Real-world retention rates with a long-acting buprenorphine depot in opioid-dependent patients attending private clinics in Australia.
    MacDonald T., Connor P., Edwards J., Hardy M., Kemp D., and Johnston L.
  • Relapse rate following institutionalized rehabilitation of male heroin addicts: A Sri Lankan experience
    Darshana N., Wijesinghe C., and De Silva V.
  • Prevalence of Suboptimal Dosing of Methadone and Buprenorphine and Associated Factors in Opioid Dependent Patients
    Al-Dewaissan F.B.A.A., Hill D.R., Evans L., and Luz T.C.B.
  • Exploring impaired insight in opioid addiction: the role of self-stigma
    Eidenmueller K., Grimm F., Hermann D., Frischknecht U., Kiefer F., Dziobek I., and Bekier N.K.



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