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2002 Issues


Vol. 04 • Na. 1 • April 2002

In this issue:

  • Mortality among problem drug users in Europe: A project od the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDD)
    Bargagli A. M., Sperati A., Davoli M., Perucci C., Vicente J., Hartnoll R., Barry J., Brugal T., Buster M., Ferraz De Oliveira F., Haastrup L., Heinemann A., Kouklinos A., Risser D., Svensonn D., Vuori E.
  • Buprenorphine: Evidence for effectiveness
    Pacini M., Maremmani I.
  • 1995-2001 programme evaluation of the A-center for treatment of addicts consuming prohibited drugs at Maribor, Slovenia
    Pisec A.
  • Does therapeutic threshold of methadone concentration in plasma exist
    Okruhlica L., Devinsk F., Valentova D., Klempova D.
  • Treatment characteristics and retention in methadone maintenance: High and stable retention rates in a Swedish two-phase programme
    Gunne L., Gronbladh L., Ohlund L.



Vol. 04 • Na. 2 • August 2002

In this issue:

  • Correlation between hepatitis C serostatus and methadone dose requirement in 1.163 methadone-maintained patients
    Maxwell S., Shinderman M. S., Miner A., Bennet A.
  • Is craving for heroin and alcohol related to low methadone dosages in methadone maintened patients
    Lubrano S., Pacini M., Giuntoli G., Maremmani I.
  • Clinical foundations for the use of methadone. Italian Consensus Panel on Methadone Treatment
    Maremmani I., Barra M., Bignamini E., Consoli A., Dell'aera S., Deruvo G., Fantini F., Fasoli M. G., Gatti R., Gessa G. L., Guelfi G. P., Jarre P., Michelazzi A., Mollica R., Nardini R., Pani P. P., Polidori E., Siragusa C., Spazzapan B., Starace F., Tagl
  • “Manifesto of Barcelona”: Care programmes for health professionals with mental disorders and addictive behaviours in Europe
  • Galicia document on problems related to addictive disorders in Europe
  • 5th Conference of the European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association and The EUROPAD Awards 2002 'Chimera Award",



Vol. 04 • Na. 3 • December 2002

In this issue:

  • Harm reduction and specific treatments for heroin addiction. Different approaches or levels of intervention?. An illness-centred perspective
    Maremmani I., Pacini M., Lubrano S., Giuntoli G., Lovrecic M.
  • Methadone treatment in Croatia
    Ivancic A.
  • The renaissance of methadone treatment in America
    Parrino M. W.
  • Methadone and commonplaces
    Gioè P., Rosa B., Papa M., Troia M., Triolo F.
  • Methadone maintenance and HIV infection
    Pacini M., Maremmani I.
  • Breast-feeding for a methadone-maintened mother: a case report [Letter]
    Lamanna F., Scuotto S., Tedici M.
  • Methadone maintenance treatments in European extracommunity target [Letter]
    Siconolfi M., Verde L., Auriemma F., Esempio C., Marguccio E., Moccia E., Stimolo R., Guardiana A.



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