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WFTOD - World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence
Editor: Icro Maremmani, MD - Pisa, Italy, EU
Associate Editors:
Thomas Clausen, MD - Oslo, Norway
Pier Paolo Pani, MD - Cagliari, Italy, EU
Marta Torrens, MD - Barcelona, Spain, EU
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Mario Miccoli, PhD - Pisa, Italy, EU

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2000 Issues


Vol. 02 • Na. 1 • June 2000

In this issue:

  • Women, pregnancy and methadone
    Finnegan L. P.
  • Sexual dysfunction associated with methadone maintenance: Treatment with bromocryptine
    Shinderman M. S., Maxwell S.
  • Attitudes and Beliefs towards Methadone of staff working in substance abuse treatment
    Vossenberg P.
  • Is prescribing higher doses of methadone likely to promote elevate drop-out rates? [Letter]
    Vetere C.
  • The Pacific Drug Policy Institute and research findings that led to its founding
    Smart D. C.
  • Methadone treatment: an interesting analogy [Letter]
    Newman R. G.
  • Take-home and compliance with methadone maintenance treatment
    Pani P. P., Pirastu R.
  • Methadone dose and retention in treatment of heroin addicts with Bipolar I Disorder comorbidity. Preliminary Results
    Maremmani I., Canoniero S., Pacini M.
  • Discontinuation symptoms are not addiction/dependence [Letter]
    Newman R. G.



Vol. 02 • Na. 2 • December 2000

In this issue:

  • Menaging benzodiazepine withdrawal
    Frare F., Perugi G.
  • Addiction and methadone: One American's view
    Newman R. G.
  • An evaluation study on share care methadone treatment between a specialized clinic and a network of General Practitioners
    Coppel A.
  • Opioids and cannabinoids abuse among bipolar patients
    Maremmani I., Canoniero S., Pacini M., Lazzeri A., Placidi G. F.
  • Pregnant addict care in Methadone Treatment Programs
    Bilangi R. J.
  • Aprohibitionism, a feasible way forward
    Michelazzi A.
  • Hepatitis C infected patients and higher doses of methadone [Letter]
    Okruhlica L., Klempova D.
  • Introducing the European Collaborating Centres in Addiction Studies [Letter]
    Schifano F.



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